Planet Storm

102 minutes • Documentary • Produced in association with: Discovery Channel • Production year: 2001

Imagine a storm from Jupiter big enough to swallow the Earth, with 300 mile-per-hour winds that could grind cities into rubble and blow for hundreds of years. Now watch as the latest in computer-generated effects brings this monster to life.

Hold on tight for this unprecedented, first-ever look at what it would be like to experience some of our solar system's most powerful forces here on Earth. A typical Martian storm - with its mile-high wall of choking dust and sand - would devour everything in its path at half the speed of sound, until every square foot of land was sandblasted to oblivion. Lightning, like that found on Jupiter, would explode on Earth with a force 100 times greater then our own lightning, leaving a trail of devastation. Constant volcanic eruptions like the ones of Jupiter's moon, lo, would create a rain of deadly radiation on Earth, ripping the atmosphere apart until all life became extinct.

Dramatic storm footage is accompanied by fascinating insight from top scientists, including Dr. Wesley Ward of the U.S. Geological Society, who's exploring the effects of Martian dust storms on humans; Tim Dowling of the University of Louisville, who studies the Earth's most dangerous thunderstorms in order to learn more about Jupiter's intense storms; and NASA scientist Bruce Tsurutani, who monitors the Sun's violent solar flares.

Narrated by Emmy Award-winning actress Brenda Vaccaro, it's exciting viewing for anyone interested in science, weather - or science fiction come to life.

Written by: Kenny Scott
Directed by: Nic Young
Producer: Kenny Scott
Executive Producers: Elliott Halpern, Pauline Duffy, Simcha Jacobovici and Jack Rabinovitch