Yummy Mummy

26 x 30 minutes • Documentary Series • Produced in association with: Life Network and Discovery Health Channel U.S. • Production year: 2005

Yummy Mummy is a totally unique and ultra hip half-hour weekly parenting series. Set in an interactive virtual environment, it’s unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Hosted by the real deal, yummy mummy Erica Ehm and her eclectic mix of experts, celebrities and yummy mummy guests will celebrate and commiserate the joys and challenges, payoffs and perils of being a modern day parent.

Directors: Richard Mortimer and Scott McLaren
Writers: Erica Ehm, Simcha Jacobovici, Jennifer Horvath and Chelsea Johnston
Producer: Jennifer Horvath
Co-Producer: Erica Ehm
Executive Producer: Simcha Jacobovici