8 x 60 minutes • Documentary Series • Produced in association with: History Channel Canada • Production year: 2004

Betrayal! takes viewers inside a secret world of heroes and rogues, exposing men and women who betray their families, friends and nations for money, sex, ego or principle. For these people, the stakes are often greater than life itself, and the game is won by doing whatever it takes.

Betrayal! features exclusive interviews with key players in the drama – some of whom are telling their stories for the first time. Shot in a seductive film noir style, each episode intercuts stylish black and white recreations shot on film with the moody colour of the interviewees who lead us through the twists and turns in the plots of Betrayal!

Episode 1 GERALD BULL: A Deal With The Devil
Written and Directed by: Tim Wolochatiuk

Dr. Gerald Vincent Bull was one of the world’s foremost experts on ballistics and weapons systems, until his lifeless body was discovered on the doorstep of his Brussels apartment. Prior to his murder, this Canadian scientist was contracted by the government of Saddam Hussein to build an extraordinary artillery piece known as the “supergun”. His assassination sparked a murder mystery that remains unsolved to this day. For the first time, intelligence operatives connected to the case, including Saddam Hussein’s spy chief, emerge from the shadows to shed light on the conflicting theories surrounding Gerald Bull’s death. Was it the work of Israel’s legendary Mossad, bent on destroying a doomsday weapon that could unleash Armageddon, or a sinister American plot to silence a maverick who was about to reveal his secrets to the world?

Episode 2 KARL KOECHER: Stranger in a Strange Land
Written and Directed by: David New

He was a linguist, a brilliant academic, and a master spy. She was a seductive blonde beauty, dressed in mink and diamonds. Karl Koecher is the only known intelligence agent from the Soviet Bloc who succeeded in penetrating the CIA. He and his wife Hana spent twenty years leading a double life as “sleepers”, Soviet moles building up a carefully designed identity. They led another secret life, it seems, as swingers, trading partners and attending orgies in the swing clubs of Washington D.C. and New York City. They may well have collected deeper secrets still from members of the American military who shared their beds. Koecher was suspected by both sides, betrayed, and placed in mortal danger. We have exclusive interviews with Karl and Hana Koecher, Vladimir Kruchkov, the former head of the KGB and Alexander Sokolov, the former head of Soviet Counterintelligence. They tell a story of cross and double-cross, secrets revealed, and of a terrifying brush with a full-scale nuclear war.

Episode 3 OSWALD MOSLEY: The English Furher
Written and Directed by: Roger Pyke

Sir Oswald Mosley led the British Union of Fascists in the London of the dirty thirties. He moved easily among the rich and powerful of England. He was an inveterate womanizer and his affairs were the talk of London society. He stood on the podium in Rome beside Mussolini. Hitler attended his wedding in Berlin. He wore jackboots and gave the fascist salute. A compelling orator, Mosley drew thousands of adoring followers to the largest political rallies in England. He campaigned to dissolve Parliament and muzzle the press. He was an anti-Semite and his bullyboys, the Blackshirts, attacked anyone who disagreed. But was Sir Oswald Mosley a traitor? How deep was his involvement with Adolph Hitler? Recent revelations from British intelligence identify his financing sources and confirm – for the first time on television – that at the outset of World War II, a right wing coup was being hatched in the heart of London. Only Winston Churchill and draconian war measures kept Mosley from his traitorous path. The Oswald Mosley story reveals an unsavory corner of British history swept clean for decades, and only now told in its entirety. A tale of sex, treachery, and betrayal.

Episode 4 MORDECHAI VANUNU: Israel’s Nuclear Spy
Written and Directed by: David Stein

Mordechai Vanunu is widely considered a hero by anti nuclear activists worldwide and a traitor by most Israelis. A former technician in Israel’s top-secret nuclear facility, Vanunu revealed to the world details about Israel’s suspected nuclear weapons program. With their most closely guarded secret exposed to the world, government officials called in the Mossad, Israel’s legendary secret service. In a classic “honey-trap” operation, the Mossad enlisted the services of a mysterious American operative known as “Cindy”. Using her seductive powers of persuasion, Cindy lured Vanunu to Rome, where he was abducted and smuggled back to Israel. Vanunu faced charges of treason and espionage, which resulted in one of the most bizarre and secretive trials in Israeli history. The verdict, eighteen years in jail, eleven of which were spent in solitary confinement, was as controversial then as it is today. Was Mordechai Vanunu a ruthless traitor who sold his nation’s secrets for personal gain or a heroic whistle blower who exposed Israel’s deadliest military program for the sake of world peace? Numerous insiders, some of whom discuss the case for the first time on camera, shed light on this remarkable story about a man who thought he could change the world.

Episode 5 Aldrich Ames: A Spy Like Us
Written and Directed by: Tim Wolochatiuk

Aldrich Ames was probably the most damaging mole in CIA history. In 1985, he single handedly shut down the CIA’s eyes and ears behind the Iron Curtain by revealing to the KGB the name of every “human asset” that was secretly spying for the West. At least 10 agents were executed, and dozens were condemned to harsh prison sentences in the Soviet gulag. In return for his loyalty, the KGB gave Ames $2.7 million and promised him another $1.9 million.

In this episode of Betrayal!, we interview James Woolsey, the former head of the CIA, as well as top CIA/FBI agents whose investigations led to Ames’ arrest. We follow the dramatic story of how a team of mole-hunters within the CIA learned of Ames’ double life and ask why it took them almost a decade to bring an end to the deadly cat and mouse game between the CIA, the KGB and Ames.

We also fly to Moscow, where we speak with Vladimir Kryuchkov, former chief of the KGB, and learn how the Russians concealed the identity of Ames, one of their most valuable double agents. And for the first time on television we see top-secret, KGB-shot video of the brutal and dramatic capture, arrest and interrogation of a Russian spy betrayed by Ames – one of the 10 “assets” who was eventually executed.

Episode 6 Edwin Wilson: A Case of Reasonable Doubt
Written and Directed by: Tim Wolochatiuk

Ed Wilson was Washington’s answer to the Great Gatsby. On his 2,500-acre farm, he hosted afternoon BBQs and swanky evening parties for senators, congressman, admirals, generals and CIA officers. His neighbours were Sen. John Walker and Elizabeth Taylor. He always flew first-class to his apartment in Geneva, hunting lodge in England and seaside villa in Libya. But behind Wilson’s charming exterior lay a man deep in the world of illicit arms smuggling and international mercenaries.

After leaving the CIA and U.S. Naval Intelligence, Wilson’s main client was Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi of Libya, the Osama Bin Laden of the 70’s. Colonel Qaddafi was the only Chief of State to publicly proclaim assassination as an instrument of state policy. Despite Qaddafi’s reputation as the godfather of state-supported terrorism, Wilson sold the dictator 20-thousand tons of high-grade explosives, making Wilson a multi-millionaire.

By 1981, Wilson was the United States’ most wanted fugitive and was lured out of Libya in a brilliant sting operation. After a series of sensational trials, Wilson was found guilty and sentenced to more than 50 years behind bars. In 2004, after only 20 years behind bars, Wilson was unexpectedly released from prison. Was Wilson a mercenary for hire, or was he in fact, a CIA operative, working undercover?

Episode 7 George Blake: Master of Deception
Writers: Elliott Shiff/Tim Wolochatiuk
Directors: Elliott Shiff/David Stein

George Blake was born in Holland on November 11, 1922. During WWII he escaped to England and joined British Naval Intelligence. By the end of the war, Blake was recruited by M16, Britain’s legendary spy service. While on assignment in Korea, the Korean War broke out and Blake was taken prisoner by the Communist invaders.

While in captivity, Blake secretly approached the Soviets and became an agent for the KGB. Next to the infamous Cambridge spy Kim Philby, George Blake would become the most damaging double agent to ever work for M16. At the height of the Cold War, Blake betrayed hundreds of agents working for the West who paid with their lives.

Blake was eventually exposed, captured and convicted of treason. In October of 1966, only 6 years into his 42 year sentence, Blake kicked out a weak window bar in his crumbling old prison cell and slipped through the opening. After a massive nation-wide manhunt, Blake’s KGB comrades smuggled him out of England and behind the Iron Curtain.

At the age of 83, 35 years after his daring escape, George Blake remains a British fugitive with the rank of Colonel in the Russian Secret Service. Even today, he maintains an office at KGB headquarters in Moscow around the corner from Red Square.

Episode 8 Jonathan Pollard: American Fall Guy?
Written and Directed by: David Stein

For over a year and a half Jonathan Jay Pollard, a Jewish American Naval Intelligence Analyst, passed volumes of classified information to the State of Israel. When Pollard’s betrayal was exposed, it created a firestorm of controversy and tension between Washington and Tel Aviv – why would Israel spy on the United States, its greatest supporter?

According to American officials, Pollard’s amounted to one of the worst intelligence security leaks in US History. Pollard’s defense is that he was merely supplying Israel, an American ally, with information that the US government was obliged to provide under treaty.

In 1987, Pollard agreed to co-operate with authorities in exchange for a lighter sentence. However, Pollard was shocked and felt betrayed when they sentenced him to the maximum – life in prison.

After almost two decades in prison, Pollard’s critics charge that he is one of America’s worst traitors and was rightfully convicted. His defenders claim that he was a fall guy for the Israelis and was railroaded by the US government.

Series Producer: Tim Wolochatiuk
Producers: Simcha Jacobovici, Felix Golubev, Robert Topol, Roger Pyke and Tara Jan
Executive Producers: Simcha Jacobovici and Robert Topol