Last Days of Jesus

115 minutes & 2 x 47 minutes • Documentary • Produced in association with: Blink Films, VisionTV, PBS Rights, Channel 5, SBS Australia and PBS • Production year: 2017

For almost two thousand years, the story of Jesus’ final days has been celebrated by Christians the world over. From Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem, through to his eventual crucifixion, six days later, its key moments have been the immortalized in countless films, pieces of music, and works of art.

But in recent years, a growing number of religious experts have begun to question this official version of events. And what they’ve discovered is a very different story; one that sheds an entirely new light on the historical Jesus.

Based on the latest archaeological discoveries and religious scholarship, Last Days of Jesus peels back thousands of years of tradition, to portray the man behind the myth.

It reveals how Jesus was not just a spiritual healer, but also a political revolutionary, with close links to some of the most important figures in both the middle east and beyond. It explores how the ever changing political landscape in Rome, played a crucial role in shaping Jesus’ destiny. And it examines the evidence for an extraordinary political alliance, between Jesus and the authorities that came close to rewriting the story of Jesus’ final days, and so altering the course of history.