FINDING ATLANTIS nominated for a Golden Panda!

Associated Producers Ltd. is proud to announce that FINDING ATLANTIS has been nominated for a Golden Panda in the "most innovative documentary" category at this year's Sichuan TV Festival in Chengdu, Sichuan, China.

As one of the most prestigious international documentary competitions in Asia with a history of 20 years, the biennial International “Gold Panda” Awards for Documentary is constantly striving to honor excellence and provide a quality platform for communication and cooperation in the documentary industry.

“Finding Atlantis” follows a team of Spanish, American and Canadian scientists as they employ NASA space photography, ground penetrating radar, underwater archaeology, and historical sleuthing in an effort to find a lost civilization. What they find is incredible - archaeological proof of Atlantis’ existence. Besides identifying the location of the city, they discover a stele that may have stood at the entrance of the legendary civilization. It records the long lost symbol of Atlantis!

This year's awards ceremony will take place on Friday November 11, 2011.