The Resurrection Tomb Mystery/The Jesus Discovery wins Gold World Medal!

The Resurrection Tomb Mystery/The Jesus Discovery, the 2012 Associated Producers documentary directed by Simcha Jacobovici, which aired on Discovery Channels internationally and on Vision TV Canada, has just won the Gold World Medal in the Best Innovation category at the New York Festivals. This is a very prestigious award given for “innovation in filmmaking”. Specifically, this is given to documentaries that use digital “enhancements” that clarify storytelling in an original way. Furthermore, it was given to Associated Producers “for a production innovation that enhances the viewer’s experience and understanding of a program by advancing or adding impact to the storytelling.” The jury took note of the use of a robotic arm to investigate the tomb. Here is an instance where the documentary was not merely recording an excavation, but pushing the envelope of Jerusalem based archaeology.

The announcement was made yesterday at a press conference held in New York and organized by the prestigious New York Festivals.

Congratulations to all.