Biblical Conspiracies to make WORLD PREMIERE this Sunday at 9pm on The Science Channel!

Biblical Conspiracies will be making its WORLD PREMIERE this Sunday, December 14 on The Science Channel.

The first episode in this four-part series, Nails of the Cross, will make its debut at 9pm ET.

On Monday, December 15 the three remaining episodes will premiere. Secrets of the Sculpture will debut at 8pm ET, Secrets of the Crucifixion at 9pm ET and Bride of God at 10pm ET.

Canadian and European premieres to follow in January/Feb 2015….stay tuned for more details!


For thousands of years, alternative truths have been hiding in plain sight, locked away with secret codes and symbols whose meanings were known only to the initiated…until now.

Biblical Conspiracies is an unceasing pursuit of stories hiding in the codes and symbols left behind by those with a secret to keep. Each hour-long episode sets out to investigate an unknown story discovered within a genuine, undisputed artifact. Using unique graphic-novel style animation, highly stylized CGI, lavish recreations and cutting-edge forensic science we explore the time period in which the artifact existed and what it meant to the people who treasured it.

Make sure you tune in!