The Resurrection Tomb/The Jesus Discovery

60 minutes • Documentary • Produced in association with: Discovery Channel US, Vision TV • Production year: 2012

There has never ever been an on camera investigation of an undisturbed, Jesus-era Jerusalem tomb, until now. Undisturbed 1st century tombs are unheard of in Israel. Most have been the victims of grave robbers. Many have also been accidentally broken into by bulldozers. As a result of the looting and the bulldozing, by necessity, they have been hastily excavated - what’s called “salvage archaeology”.

In 1981, during the building of the Talpiot suburb of Jerusalem, a Jesus-era tomb was discovered. Since it had never been looted and since no bulldozer had damaged it, religious groups successfully protested its archaeological excavation as a desecration of a Jewish grave. As a result, it was sealed, built around and left as it was.

The unexcavated tomb, therefore, is a perfect site for an unprecedented, archaeological investigation. Not only is it virtually pristine, but its proximity to the so called “Jesus Family Tomb” raises the possibility of a relationship. The problem was that an investigation of the tomb necessitated co-operation between the various building committees in the area, the municipality, the police, the archaeological authorities and, especially, the religious authorities. After four years of efforts, the producers of “The Resurrection Tomb” have accomplished this. Now, for the first time ever, a Jesus-era Jerusalem tomb will be explored in an orderly, scientific investigation. And it all takes place before our cameras.

The discoveries are nothing short of astounding.

This spring, the world will be watching.

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Official Selection XXIV International Festival of Archaeological Film, Rovereto, Italy

Award Highlights:

  • Gold Dolphin, Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards
  • Gold Plaque, Documentary: Science/Nature, Chicago International Film Festival Television Awards
  • Gold WorldMedal, Most Innovative Production, New York Festivals
  • Silver Telly Award, Documentary Program
  • Official Selection, 34th International Festival of Archaeological Film, Rovereto Italy
  • Nomination, Golden Sheaf Awards, Documentary Science/Medicine/Technology, Yorkton Film Festival