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Last Days of Jesus

Last Days of Jesus explores how dramatic political events in Rome could have played a crucial role in shaping Jesus’ destiny, and examines an extraordinary political alliance that altered the course of history.

115 minutes & 2 x 47 minutes • Documentary • Produced in association with: Blink Films, VisionTV, PBS Rights, Channel 5, SBS Australia and PBS • Production year: 2017

Atlantis Rising

Oscar winning legend, James Cameron, and three-time Emmy winning filmmaker, Simcha Jacobovici, use the 4th century BC Greek philosopher, Plato, as a virtual treasure map in an epic adventure to find the lost, legendary city of Atlantis.

94 minutes • Documentary • Produced in association with: National Geographic Channel & Discovery Canada • Production year: 2016

Tales From The Organ Trade

TALES FROM THE ORGAN TRADE is a gritty and unflinching descent into the shadowy world of black market organ trafficking.

Selected Awards: Edward R. Murrow Award, 2 Emmy nominations, 4 Canadian Screen Awards including the Donald Brittain Award for Best Social/Political Documentary, 2 Amnesty International Awards, Scripps Howard Award, Norman Bethune Award and more!

Bonus Scenes - Including two featurettes and interviews with ethicists, experts and transplant surgeons including Dr. Sally Satel, Prof. Francis Delmonico, Dr. Arthur Matas, Prof. Janet Radcliffe Richards, Prof. Arthur Caplan, Dr. Gabriel Danovitch & Prof. Michele Goodwin.

Attention educators and institutions: there is a 56 minute version of the film available for non-theatrical educational use. Please email for more information and for public screenings and educational use.

82 and 56 minutes • Documentary • Produced in association with: HBO Documentary Films, Shaw Media and Canal D • Production year: 2013

The Resurrection Tomb/The Jesus Discovery

This film begins where “The Lost Tomb of Jesus” left off. Following several lines of enquiry including DNA, statistics, chemistry and archaeology, filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici investigates questions raised in the original film. We also follow the excavation in Jerusalem of an unexcavated tomb from the time of Jesus – a first-time ever event. Rediscovered in the course of the first film, this tomb, now located under the patio of a private home, is close to the so-called “Jesus Family tomb” in which ossuaries, or bone boxes, were found bearing the names of the family of Jesus. In the 1st century, extended families often had adjacent tombs. Will this new investigation and archaeological excavation support or undermine the hypothesis that Jesus and his family were buried in the Talpiot tomb?

60 minutes • Documentary • Produced in association with: Discovery Channel US, Vision TV • Production year: 2012

The Age of Anxiety

The Age of Anxiety is a film that delves into a crisis in motion – according to the World Health Organization, disorders related to dread are the most prevalent mental illnesses on the globe at the moment. Is this a disease of modernity? Or is our highly competitive and material culture itself undermining our nerves? The age of Anxiety explores these questions, while also investigating the role that pharmaceutical companies and even the psychiatric profession play in this phenomenon. Is our anxiety fueling an industry that in turn is profiting from and exploiting our dread in a vicious and self-perpetuating cycle?

60 minutes • Documentary • Produced in association with: CBC • Production year: 2012

Finding Atlantis

Atlantis. The name echoes through the ages like a magic spell. Did it really exist? Where is it? Are there any remaining artifacts that can tell us what it was really like? Who were the Atlanteans? Is it all myth, or is it historical fact?

60 minutes • Documentary • Produced in association with: National Geographic U.S., National Geographic International and Discovery Channel Canada • Production year: 2011

Beasts of the Bible

Gorgeous visuals and state-of-the-art animation propel an in-depth, historical, archaeological and scientific investigation into some of the most mysterious beasts in the Bible.

90 minutes • Documentary • Produced in association with: Animal Planet U.S. and Vision TV • Production year: 2010

Science of the Soul

From robotics to near death experiences, from attempts to achieve altered states of consciousness in the jungles of Peru to an exploration of infant state of mind, Science of the Soul explores the cutting-edge of consciousness related science to determine whether we are about to experience a new step in human evolution or the death of the human soul.

70 and 90 minutes • Documentary • Produced in association with: Vision TV and History Television • Production year: 2009/2010

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