The Exodus Decoded - Reviews

“[A]ttention getting ideas”
“A masterwork…haunting and powerful”
“[M]esmerizing…it’s beautiful…enchanting”
- New York Times

“[F]ascinating…A fantastic tale”
- The Wall Street Journal

“[T]ransforms it from…cheesy re-enactments to “Terminator4: The Bible!””
“[T]he findings are absolutely amazing.”
- New York Post

“[S]tunning computer graphics”
“[W]ith Indiana Jones flair”
- Washington Post

“This is one cool documentary.”
- TV Guide

- The Globe and Mail

- The Toronto Star

“This is adventure archaeology…it’s just plain fun.”
- The Miami Herald

“[A] fascinating journey”
- Lester Holt Today Show

- New York Daily News

“[E]ye-pleasing and thought-provoking”
- The Toronto Sun

“[E]xtraordinarily well-done, with state-of-the-art graphics, high production values and excellent commentary”
“[P]rovocative… astonishing.”
- The Jerusalem Post

“The greatest story ever told…”
- The Sunday Times

- Fort Worth Star-Telegram

- This Week

“[S]tate-of-the-art film”
- The Jewish News Weekly of Northern California

“Jacobovici is a latter-day Sherlock Holmes, famed archaeologist Howard Carter, and “Star Wars” creator George Lucas all rolled into one.”
“[P]roduction values are superb.”
- Cleveland Jewish News

“Jacobovici hijacks history”
- The Jewish Exponent

“Tune in…to be enlightened.”
- The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles

“[A] new perspective”
- The American Jewish World

"This film is as inspiring as it is entertaining. A visual pleasure that will take you to a place of increased faith, greater understanding, and Holy ground. A life changing adventure."
- WAIJ 90.3 FM

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